SOMA MS1 Virtual Review Night

The MS1 students have their second set of anatomy exams on September 17-18, 2020, for thorax, abdominal cavity, and pelvis. SOMA members who are MS2s will host a virtual anatomy review night that will encompass all three of these cavities.

SOMA MS1/MS2 Big Little Program

The MS1/MS2 Big/Little Program is an opportunity for MS1 students to receive guidance and mentorship from the MS2 students. Between 1-3 MS1 students are matched with an MS2 mentor to help them throughout the school year.

SOSA Monthly Meeting

SOSA will be holding its monthly meeting for September on 09/30 @ 6 PM. An email with more information, including the link, will be sent out to members. The guest speaker will be Dr. Michael Smith D.O., a 2020 LECOM grad who recently matched Urology.

A Message from Dr. Dunbar

All of you have immense demands on you academic plate and things here definitely move at a breakneck pace. I know I could not conceptualize this until I was here and seeing it. I know there is not a lot (ok…almost no) unused space in your daily schedule. I know that I preach self-care, but also know the reality that it is a struggle to fit it in.  Because of …

A 19-year-old man comes to the university clinic because of nausea and fatigue since moving into his new dorm yesterday. He has been a bit nervous about beginning his first semester of college in Colorado, and finds himself missing his home on the West coast. He has had occasional difficulty breathing that is worse when arranging his furniture in the dorm. He recalls having a nosebleed this morning but was …

SOSA Beach Clean Up

SOSA will be hosting a beach clean up at Presque Isle this fall, from 8-11am on Saturday Nov. 23rd. Member’s attending will be asked to help pick up litter and pollution left behind from travelers and visitors over the summer and late fall.