Idea: SOMA’s OPTF will be hosting a Naloxone Training that will be lead by Mili Patel, the
Opioid Task Force Director. The session will be a one-hour presentation that will discuss
introduction to opioids, history of the opioid epidemic, and the current overdose statistics in
the United States. Those who attend the event will be able to respond to an opioid-related
overdose with naloxone. Following the event, all participants will receive a certificate of
participation and information on how to obtain Naloxone through NEXT Distro.
Why: One of the pillars of SOMA’s overdose prevention task force is naloxone training and
distribution. As medical students, it is imperative to advance our education and learn about the
various substance use treatment services that are available to us. Through this training, we, as
medical students, can take action to fight the growing opioid epidemic in the United States. It
will also allow students to ask any questions that they may have regarding this issue.