Please consider joining us on April 21st at 6:30pm.
This Club Meeting will be open to all members of our LECOM Community as we understand that all students, not just SOMA members, need a place to reflect. In the coming weeks we will share our Zoom link, as well as some rules for discussion, and some reflection/discussion questions. This material was provided to us by National APAMSA to help guide our discussion.
As an advocacy organization, it is important that we use our voice to create positive change. Please consider reviewing this material from National APAMSA (Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association; and I’ll quote them here because they said it best). This petition “calls for changes in how AAPI [Asian American and Pacific Islander] students and patients are treated [and] seeks to implement a top-down approach, that supplements the bottom-up approach which most institutions utilize.”…/1xl44nH8…/view Sign to support:

A message from Family Medicine Club President – Bonnie Nguyen: I think these past few weeks have been especially hard for the community, particularly the AAPI community. I know we all get engrossed in everything we need to do to keep up in medical school, but I hope you schedule in self-care and for those in the AAPI community, allow yourself time to process your emotions and give yourself grace. I am still trying to find my voice in advocacy and the right words to say, but here’s me stepping out to tell you that I see you, I hear you, I feel you, and I am here for you. Anyone who’s talked to me knows I like to say “Protect your energy!!” So if you’ve noticed that social media and the news have been triggering lately, it’s okay to feel that way. Educate yourself, but protect your energy.
Yours in Solidarity and Advocacy,