With the opening of the new LECOM Elmira campus, there is an opportunity for Erie students to help mentor students in Elmira who do not currently have MS2 students on campus with them. SOMA will extend the mentoring capacity of the MS1/MS2 Big/Little program to students on the Elmira campus. The MS1/MS2 Big/Little Program is an opportunity for MS1 students to receive guidance and mentorship from the MS2 students. MS1 students are matched with an MS2 mentor to help them throughout the school year. SOMA sends monthly check-ins with bigs and littles to assess how the program is going and to make improvements throughout the year. Contact between Bigs and Littles will be permitted only through Zoom, Skype, Facetime, phone calls, and E-mail. There will be no in-person interaction between Bigs and Littles.