A letter from SGA President, John Acquaviva regarding the club fair.

Student Physicians,

I hope your first weeks of medical school have gone well. It is a fun but very stressful time that only gets better… and more stressful… but don’t worry about that yet! My name is John Acquaviva and I am a current MS2 and your SGA president. Myself and my SGA e-board have planned a week to replace the usual in-person club fair. Each LECOM organization has chosen a time slot throughout next week(08/10 – 08/15) to video chat and answer questions from anyone who drops in. The links and times of their drop-in hours are listed in the bulletin that will be posted at the end of this e-mail and also posted on the LECOM SGA website. The meetings will start earliest at 5p.m. to accommodate class schedules. If you cannot make a meeting for a club that you are interested in, please reach out directly to the e-board members by way of their e-mails that are also posted on the bulletin. This year will be interesting to say the least, but we cannot become doctors if we cannot adapt to any situation! If you have any questions about the club fair or SGA please reach out to me.


Bulletin Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bisPCdmc3LHIJ36y1uZWHq0P7M1-ym57fN2msjnK2Tg/edit?usp=sharing