Hi everyone! Medical Spanish Club is excited to be hosting a Spanish workshop on March 28th, from 5-6 PM! The workshop will be held over zoom, and it will be taught by MS4, Salvador Hernandez. Sal grew up in a Latino family and speaks fluent Spanish. Through the last year-and-a-half of his rotations, he’s gained significant knowledge regarding the importance of implementing Spanish in a clinical setting to prevent miscommunication citation errors and provide the best care possible for Spanish-speaking patients. Not only will he discuss this, but he will also be teaching basic Spanish phrases that are commonly used in a doctor-patient interaction. This will give students the basics and help them become more comfortable speaking Spanish during rotations and residency, as well as help to prepare MS1s for the Spanish summer course coming up in just a few months! Kindly, use the zoom link below to join the workshop.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 947 0625 3267
Passcode: msc5739