One of our officers volunteers on her own time at the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants here in Erie and inquired about what we as an organization can do to assist them. One thing they expressed that they are in need of are new backpacks. We plan to hold a fundraiser to collect new backpacks to donate to the USCRI. We will be asking for adult-size backpacks so even as the children grow they will still be able to use them. The goal of this is to provide a thoughtful donation to better the lives of our new community members by enabling them to get an education or travel with ease as they adjust to their new life here in Erie. There will be donation boxes set up in the main entrance lobby of LECOM Main. SOMA members will check the boxes once a day to ensure donation collection and neatness of the area and at the end of the drive deliver donated backpacks to USCRI. Since donations will be able to be made individually, students will be able to social distance and will be required to follow LECOM recommendations on masking during the duration of the drive.