SOMA students (primarily second-years) will lead review sessions to help guide first-year students on study strategies of high-yield topics for Basic and Clinical Neuroscience, especially neuroanatomy. These sessions have been requested by first-year students. As first-years work their way through the systems curriculum of Basic and Clinical Neuroscience, OMS2s will host a short, virtual review of the material and high yield topics. SOMA students will coordinate review content with Dr. Kulesza for the specific aspects of neuroanatomy as well as other faculty for other content areas that are covered. These reviews will be virtually held over Zoom, which will allow for social distancing because of the virtual nature of the event and no in-person assembly is required. SOMA members will be notified of review nights and it’s corresponding review material via email. Our goal in doing so is to help bridge the gap that OMS1’s have had with transitioning into more difficult content and systems.