SOMA wants to encourage members to remain as interconnected as possible during COVID and foster meaningful relationships with their peers. Additionally, we want to provide ample opportunities to attend stress-relieving events and connect with the SOMA club. SOMA wants to host a Zoom Baking event as a social night for our members. This event will remain contactless, as members will be sent a list of ingredients prior, join a Zoom call held by SOMA, and follow along with the instructions provided by SOMA representatives. SOMA also wants to propose having the option to receive ingredients provided by us, as we can buy and pre package these ingredients. An RSVP will be sent out to the members, where they can let us know if they want to receive ingredients from us, and we will set up times that these members can stop by a predetermined location for a no-contact drop off. For the first session, members attending will be able to vote on the baked goods that we cook during the event.