Interested in Psychiatry as a career? What better than attending a Zoom meeting with a neurodevelopmental and geriatric specialized psychiatrist?

Dr. Stillman received her medical degree and Master of Health Services Administration from LECOM and completed her residency at Millcreek Community Hospital. She is an adjunct clinical assistant professor at LECOM and an attending physician at MCH, working closely with resident physicians in psychiatry. She currently works through LECOM at:
-Millcreek Community Hospital
-LECOM Institute for Behavioral Health
-Barber Forensic
-Erie Homes for Children and Adults
-LECOM’s 8 long-term care facilities (assisted living, skilled nursing, and secure memory care)
-LECOM’s Medical Cannabis Research for Generalized Anxiety and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

She has insight into what the job entails and will integrate her personal experiences into answering any questions students have in regards to the field of Psychiatry while also clearing any misconceptions about the field. The meeting will be for an hour with opportunities for students to submit questions.