We are offering our members the opportunity to participate in a donation drive to benefit the organization Community of Caring. Community of Caring provides support to community members experiencing homelessness. They need items such as clothing, soap, toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, etc. We will run a donation drive that allows members to donate to this critical organization and support the community.

The drive involves students signing up on an excel spreadsheet for the items they would like to donate from November 17th-24th. We would then provide a bin for the students to drop off their donations from November 27th – December 1st. For participating in the drive we will offer 1 service hour for every 2 items a student donates, with each student able to earn a maximum of 2 service hours. Students will be dropping off donations to the bin located in the LECOM building and therefore adhere to LECOM COVID mitigation policies. The Director of the Community of Caring organization, Maureen Dunn, would also like to speak to students over Zoom on Thursday November 30th from 6-7pm about Community of Caring and how the donations will be used. This will give students insight into the local non-profit in case they would like to volunteer for them again in the future.