We are excited to bring to you Dr. Nicholas Bell, DO, a renowned LECOM graduate radiologist who has been associated with Desert Radiology for half a decade. His expertise is reflected not only in his regular practice but also in the high-profile clientele he caters to, including sports teams like the Golden Knights, Las Vegas Raiders, and even entities such as the UFC.
Dr. Bell will be providing insights into his own residency experience and jump into the intricacies of radiology as a specialty. He will guide us through the various specialty options available within the domain of radiology and shed light on the current job market scenario for budding radiologists. An area of significant importance, and one that Dr. Bell is keen to discuss, is the role of Artificial Intelligence in radiology. Join us on NOV 28th at 7:00pm-8:00pm to see how AI is shaping the present and future landscape of this specialty. Jump onto zoom with the link below!