We would like to give our members the opportunity to hear from Dr. John Queen from Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Dr. Queen specializes in Emergency Medicine & Internal medicine. He would like to come to talk to EM Club members about navigating emergency medicine and answer any questions students may have. Dr. Queen will present to us about ultrasound techniques frequently used in the Emergency Department, followed by a short interactive activity for students to participate in. It will give our members the chance to interact with a healthcare provider within the community and understand ultrasound as a skill. All equipment for the interactive ultrasound activity will be provided by Dr. Queen. We will also have Dr. Risavi present to teach students about tourniquets and offer practice with obtaining blood pressure. The EM Club and Dr. Risavi will provide the tourniquets and blood pressure cuffs. Students will bring their own stethoscopes. A sign-up sheet will be provided for students to participate, and students will be asked to fill out COVID screening forms to adhere to COVID Regulations. Our Club Advisor, Dr. Risavi, has approved of the event and will be in attendance. This event will be held on Friday October 20th at the Kearsarge Fire Department from 1800-2000.