Interested in radiology? Radiology club is hosting a speaker event on Tuesday, Oct 11 at 6:30-7:30 pm over zoom. Come and learn about how to prepare for residency applications and set yourself up for success! We are happy to announce our three speakers: Dr. Olivia Hallas, Dr. Henry Wei, and Mr. Kent Axcell. Dr. Hallas is a LECOM alum and current resident at Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Henry Wei is a LECOM alum and current resident at Allegheny Health Network. Mr. Kent Axcell is a current LECOM MS4 and former radiology club president. Interestingly, Kent is applying to dermatology instead of radiology, and will be able to give a unique perspective on why he decided that dermatology was a better fit. As all three speakers are LECOM students/alumni that have recently gone through the residency application process, it will be a great opportunity to learn about the process from a first-hand account.