Hello everyone! The Spanish Medical Club is having their community service event for the community of caring! The Community of Caring (CoC) has worked as a human services agency to meet basic human needs in inner-city Erie. Currently they offer food at their food pantry, three meals daily for the community at our shelter, and a community center.  The majority of the resources go into providing shelter for 43 homeless persons in their emergency shelters (24 men and 19 women) and additional long-term affordable housing.  They provide other necessities as needed and as resources permit. Currently, they are the only provider offering female long-term emergency shelter with our women-only house Mary Rose Sanctuary. So we are hosting a drive for supplies that the community center may need. More details will follow with emails to come. If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at lecommedicalspanish@gmail.com!


Also, students can receive up to 6 hours of community service!



LECOM Medical Spanish Club