Hello everyone! My name is Wendy Weaver, and I am the president of the Christain Medical and Dental Association on campus. We are partnering with the Radiology Club to hold this event. All you need to do is download the Charity Miles app. If you want more information or need help downloading the app, please visit https://charitymiles.org/how-it-works/#intro. Once the app is downloaded, join our team called LECOM-Erie Charity Miles Event Spring 2022. If you have an android, the app also recommends downloading an app called Strava, which will help to make the app run more smoothly. Once April 1st starts, anytime you workout or walk turn on the app and it will start to track your miles. Once you finish the workout, simply hit finish and the app will tell you how much money you raised for charity and it will be sent directly to that charity! You can also check the team’s status to see what place you are in and how much money we have raised overall! Everyone is allowed to choose a charity of their choice, but we are asking that people choose either Save the Children or Unicef. Both of these charities are sending money to help children in Ukraine, so we would love to see them get the most money from this fundraiser. Our event is going to run for the whole month of April! Both clubs have decided to give the top 5 participants a $20 gift card. That’s right! $20!!!!! So, make sure to be at the top before the end of the month! We are opening this to all students and faculty so please spread the word and allow our team to have a lot of participants! Thank you for joining us in raising money for these amazing charities! Go outside, exercise, and enjoy our event!