The 5K Race to End Domestic violence is being held in the Domestic Violence Awareness month (October) and will be ran to raise money for the SAFE House in Elmira. We would like the race to be Halloween themed, as it is to be held on October 30th from 9am-12pm, and open to everyone in both classes at LECOM at Elmira and in the community. We are making tshirts that will be given out with a registration fee for the 5K and are obtaining local and national sponsors for the run in order to get all the supplies needed to run a 5K. We are currently in touch with the local government to establish a path for the race itself, and hope to obtain food trucks to be at the end of the race! We are partnering with AMWA at LECOM and hope that we can make a big impact in the community by raising money for a wonderful cause.