All of you have immense demands on you academic plate and things here definitely move at a breakneck pace. I know I could not conceptualize this until I was here and seeing it. I know there is not a lot (ok…almost no) unused space in your daily schedule. I know that I preach self-care, but also know the reality that it is a struggle to fit it in.  Because of this, you need to guard your time well.  It is very easy for our “free” time to fly away from us. Plan that time so you can benefit the most from it. We need to be intentional about social time, relaxation time, exercise, etc. or we will not incorporate it or do so at our detriment. This is a critical skill for your journey in pharmacy school, but also when you are pharmacists in practice down the road. Those who do not end up burned out and personally and professionally unsatisfied. So, I know you all schedule your study and tasks to get done each day just to keep heads above water. Make a list of those things that are important to you, that help you de-stress, and remind you that you are more than just a pharmacy student. Build some into your schedule. These things do not necessarily have to be big chunks of time. It may be a half hour here or there. Or, for meditation, guided imagery, or progressive muscle relaxation, it can be as little as 5 or 10 minutes to have a benefit. When you plan your day or week, look at the time we know slips away from us. Plan in these activities. Even small doses of this and you will see the difference. Do it for a week and it will become habit. Taking care of yourself in this way will increase your personal well-being and academic success. I have included some links below (one with apps) as tools to help with this. Use what is helpful, ignore what is not. Your doctoral program is a unique context and there was nothing in this regard tailored specifically, but these can be useful.

Wishing you a balanced and positive week ahead.

Take care, Dr. Dunbar